Network Segmentation Testing

Network segmentation is used to isolated a particular network segment from a whole network (also called flat network). The segmentation allows Organisations to implement more robust controls for the particular segment (e.g. storing sensitive data, such as cardholder data) rather than applying these controls to a whole network, where it might not be needed. The segmentation is achieved by properly configuring internal network firewalls, routers with strong access controls lists, or other technologies that restrict access to a particular segment of a network.

As stated in PCI DSS requirement 11.3.4, if segmentation is used to isolate the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE), network segmentation testing should be performed at least annually and after any changes to segmentation controls / methods. In addition, service providers starting from February 2018 will be required to undertake network segmentation testing at least every six months and after any changes to segmentation controls / methods.

CyberAudit offers professional network segmentation  testing. Please, feel free to contact us to discuss your Organization’s penetration testing requirements and get a quote.